April 10, 2022

Half Moon Bay Triathlon










Paddle Triathlon


Relay Teams




There will be one transition that will be located in Pillar Point Harbor, this will be a secure transition from start to finish and participants will only be allowed in transition. You must be wearing a wristband that will be given out at packet pickup to get in and out of transition along with your bike bib and run bib to remove your bike from transition after the race. Restrooms will be across the street from transition next to the Kayak Rental and finish line area.


Olympic Swim Course (.93M/1.5k)

Your .93 Mile Swim will start in deep water and in age group waves. Water surface temperature is about 56-59 degrees and wetsuits are highly recommended. The swim course will be lined with large buoys, numerous lifeguards, kayak teams, and our Guard Life medical team. You will have a short run back to transition.

Your swim to bike run or walk will be approx, .3 miles in length and you can bring your shoes down to the beach before your swim. We will have an area that will be sectioned off based on bib number and distance.

Swim course safety plan with a warming area
  • We will be setting the course the day before the event and will re-measure the course the day of the event to make sure the course is set accurately for both races. We will not start the race until both courses are set accurately and all guards are ready.
  • We will have a warming area available for all athletes before and after your swim; warm water will be available to fill your wetsuit as well as warm water pools after to warm your feet.
  • Wetsuits, skull caps, and earplugs are highly recommended for this race as the water temperature in April ranges from 56-59 degrees
  • We will have earplugs available in Transition for all athletes, this will help with keeping your core temperature normal during the swim.
  • You can wear gloves, swim socks/booties, and skull caps during the swim. Gloves swim socks or booties can not be webbed based on USAT rules and regulations.
Sprint Swim (0.35 Mile)

Swim: Your .35 mile swim, the water temperature will be approx. 56-59 degrees and wetsuits are recommended. The course will be lined with large orange buoys, numerous lifeguards and safety crew. You will have a short run from the swim exit back to the transition area in Pillar Point Harbor.


Olympic Bike Course (24.9M/40k)

New bike course based on permit changes and requirements by City of HMB and SM Sheriff’s Office.

  • 2 Loop Olympic Bike Course
  • Turn Around will now occur at North Main St
  • Click here to view an online bike course
Bike course safety and medical/street sweeping plan
  • CHP and the HMB Sheriff’s Office will be managing all signalized intersections as well as any road crossings.
  • We will have 8 motor escorts on course that will lead the first athlete, provide safety along the course if cones have fallen over, an athlete has a flat tire or needs assistance, and they will also be trailing the last athlete to make sure they’re safe throughout the race. Our motor escorts are EMT trained and true professionals providing a vital service in helping make the course safe for all across all our events throughout the year.
  • We will be sweeping the course in the south and northbound lanes and shoulders of the bike course on Hwy 1 the day before the race to make sure that all debris is clear.
Sprint Bike Course (12 Miles)
  • Turn Around will now occur at North Main St
  • Click here to view an online bike course


Olympic Run Course (6.2M/10k)

There will be aid stations provided every mile on the run course with water, electrolyte sports drink, and gel available. This flat and fast course on a paved trail is right along the Pacific Ocean. The best volunteers in the world will be cheering you on and supporting your accomplishments.

Click here to view an online run course

Run course safety and hydration/nutrition/medical plan
  • We will have aid stations at each mile along the run course
  • We will also have medical personnel on bikes along the run course and following in the last runner
  • We will have over 20 volunteers managing the run course and aid stations providing water, electrolyte hydration, gels, and bars if needed.
  • There will be restrooms for use at mile 1, mile 2, and approx. mile 2.75 going out on your run.
Sprint Run Course (1 Mile)

Aid stations will be located every mile along this 3.1-mile run course that is flat and fast. Water, Electrolyte Hydration and Gel will be available at each aid station.

Click here to view an online run course


Paddle Course (1 & 2 Mile)
  • Olympic Paddle Course: 2 Miles
  • Sprint Paddle Course: 1 Mile