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2017 USAP Ambassador Team

Kalei AchiuKaleiAchiu

Newbie triathlete who started racing in 2016 without any background in swimming or cycling (I was a softball player growing up)!  Prior to triathlons, I had a love/hate relationship with running, but I somehow managed to complete numerous half-marathons and 10K’s. I am a member of the Oakland Triathlon Club and love hearing and yelling “Go OTC!” during races. When I am not running, swimming or biking, I moonlight as a paralegal.  I am a Bay Area transplant via, a very brief stint, in Hawaii and a longer stint of 30 years in Southern California. You can now find me in the East Bay, where I live with my very supportive husband Cary (who doubles as my bike mechanic and biggest cheerleader) and two kids, Emalani (8) and Benjamin (4).  My kids are my biggest inspiration and I love showing them that with a little bit of hard work, anything is possible!

  • Age: 38
  • Club/Team: Oakland Triathlon Club
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “Ahonui” (Hawaiian meaning have patience and endure)
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB, CAL Tri and Oakland Tri

Gerhard BrummerGerhard

Gerhard (born November 3, 1976) is a Top 10% AG Ironman All World Athlete, USAT All American tri- (#307) and duathlete (#8), podium ultra- and sub-3 hour Boston marathoner.  He once completed Ironman South Africa, Two Oceans 56K Ultra Marathon and finished Boston Marathon under three hours in just four weeks.  Gerhard’s most testing race was North Face Gore-Tex 50-Mile Endurance Challenge in 2014.  His favorite short course race was Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon in 2016, where he placed 3rd in his age group.  In 2016, Gerhard was chosen as USA Productions Ambassador Of The Year and is representing them again this year, as well as Topo Athletic.  Gerhard is most passionate about bringing out the best in himself and others and enjoys working in teams, on and off the race course.  Originally from South Africa, Gerhard now lives in San Jose, California, with his wife Jenny and his two sons, Andrew and Jacob.

  • Age: 40
  • Club/Team: Endurance Junkies
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “BOOM!”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, MHST, Folsom Tri, CAL Tri, and Alameda Running Festival

StevenChavezSteven Chavez

Started in Triathlon with no experience in any disiplines. Started in my mid 30’s unitl now, about 25 plus years. (ouch). Grew up here in the bay area and currently in San Ramon. I race with the Forward Motion Race Club (FMRC) out of Danville. I race all distances from sprint to Ironman.  I recently moved into a new age group for 2017.  I am now getting my daughter involved at age 12 and she completed her first triathlon last year at the Tri-4-Real at Shadow cliffs. She beat me out of the water by a minute. I look forward to race the other USAP ambassadors as I enjoy the races. My favorite USAP is the Morgan Hill Sprint.  See you at the races!

  • Age: 59
  • Club/Team: Forward Mortion Race Club
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “Don’t walk the aid stations”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, MHST, CAL Tri, and Oakland Tri

Josiah “Joe” GarrisonJoeG

I’m a recovering body builder who saw the light and converted to triathlon 6 years ago. My first ever long course event was the USAP Folsom Long Course Triathlon (70.3) in 2014 and I will never forget it! I’ve since completed two full IM’s and two more 70.3’s along with multiple sprint, olympic and running events. The highlight reel so far includes qualifying and competing in the 2015 Olympic Age Group Nationals, winning the overall at the Super Hero Triathlon & making multiple podiums in other races. But my greatest pride is in watching how much my 10 year old son loves competing in the Tri4Kids race series where he won his AG last year.

I’ve been a runner since my days as an Army scout, the rest I’m still learning. My parents were globetrotting hippies, we lived in 18 countries on 4 continents growing up and it was the greatest education in the world. Today I live in Granite Bay, California with my wife & two children, Collin & Paige. Besides triathlon we also enjoy hiking and skiing in nearby lake Tahoe. I just love to get out and train every day and when I grow up, I want to be just like Gerhard Brummer!

  • Age: 44
  • Club/Team: Folsom Bike Triathlon Club
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: 70.3
  • Favorite saying: “Exorcise with Exercise”
  • 2017 USAP Races: Folsom Tri, Catfish, Oakland Grand Fondo

Felicity “Flick” JoyceFlick

Felicity Joyce (FLICK) is an endurance athlete from Aus who is now a permanent resident here in the USA. With a love for running Felicity became the youngest female 24hr Australian Track Champion and went on to podium in 3 x 100 mile running events plus more throughout Australia and Overseas. She also earned the Rising Star award from Australian Ultra Runners Association, she was chosen to represent the youth of Australia at the 2000 Olympics as a torch bearer and sportsperson of the year. More recent Flick has placed top 5 in all half and full ironman events over the last 5 years including qualifying for the 70.3 World Championships and the Hawaii World Championships, winning her AG in the Kentucky IM. Flick is also a multi-sport coach in the Bay Area with a great team of athletes under her.

  • Age: 35
  • Club/Team: Timex Team
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Full Ironman
  • Favorite saying: “Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!”
  • 2017 USAP Races: Half Moon Bay Tri, Folsom Tri, Oakland Tri

Julianne KanzakiDCIM104GOPROG3245443.

Julianne’s interest in triathlon was first sparked while working as an editorial intern for Triathlete Magazine. Her curiosity and awe for the sport led her to complete her first sprint triathlon back in 2004. Racing without clipless pedals (gasp!) and riding the entire bike portion in the same gear because she didn’t know how to shift, miraculously, she still placed 3rd in her AG and was immediately hooked. She’s gone on to complete a handful of half Ironmans and a full Ironman, thankfully with better gear and knowledge, but with the same drive and determination. The lessons she extracts from triathlon inform the way she lives her life- pushing past comfort zones, acknowledging the importance of doing the daily work, and the joy of community. Outside of triathlon, she works as a registered dietitian in the Bay Area and enjoys speaking, writing, and helping others achieve their health and wellness goals.

  • Age: 36
  • Club/Team: Betty Designs
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic
  • Favorite saying: “Be competitive AND kind”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB, Morgan Hill, and Catfish

Allen LeibovitchIMG_3037

Allen is a parent and a tech marketing professional, and started his endurance sports journey to raise money for charity, moving from cycling to triathlon and then running events. He has completed multiple triathlons and half marathons, and two multi-day long-distance cycling tours. His favorite triathlon phase is the bike and he helps to mentor new athletes to achieve their race goals while helping worthy causes. He is active with local triathlon and cycling clubs, and the Bay Area running culture. On weekends, Allen can typically be found climbing up and cruising down the hills of the South Bay and the Peninsula.

  • Age: 47
  • Club/Team: Silicon Valley Triathlon Club
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Sprint so far, but moving up to his first 70.3 in 2017
  • Favorite saying: “Be unstoppable”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, MHST, CA Tri, Oakland Tri, Oakland Gran Fondo

Jackie Vail MardesichJackieVail

Like you, I enjoy my many roles in life; as a Wife, Mother, daughter, sister, Triathlete, Certified Personal Trainer fitness instructor in TRX, Spin and Swim. My passion for health and fitness has allowed me the opportunity to motivate and influence others to challenge themselves, enhance their skills and achieve goals. As a mother and wife, I challenge myself and my family to be our best and can feel my heart and soul grow stronger together. I have worked hard and enjoyed a USAT top 20% female age group rank and qualified for the USA National Championship Olympic Age group in 2014, 2015, 2016.  I want to share my heart and determination with everyone I touch and experience personal growth and results together.

  • Age: 52
  • Club/Team: Pearl Izumi
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: I think the Olympic distance is the most fun.  I enjoy the 70.3 for a challenge.  For me the sprint is over to quick and 140.6 is a bit long
  • Favorite saying: “Keep on chasing!!!”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, MHST, Folsom Tri, Alameda Running Festival, Oakland Gran Fondo

Briana OttingerIMG_8348

The triathlon bug bit me hard in 2013 with my first sprint tri and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve done every distance from sprint to full 140.6.The Olympic distance is my favorite, it’s long enough to be a challenge and yet still very approachable. If I’m not swimming, biking or running, I love yoga, food, traveling, coffee and baseball. Triathlon has given me heart, courage, focus and strength. I’m currently pursuing my degree in Healthy Lifestyle Coaching from Arizona State University and working on becoming a triathlon coach. I want to inspire others to make the most out of this crazy adventure called life.

  • Age: 35
  • Club/Team: Team Coeur
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic
  • Favorite saying: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -MLK
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, CAL Tri, and Oakland Tri

Dan PasqualedanphotoIM

Dan is an easily-distracted triathlete and trail runner from Northern California who enjoys swimming, biking and running almost as much as he enjoys good food and drinks (hence the need for constant aerobics). Dan is a US Marine Corps veteran and proud member of Team Red, White and Blue (RWB) Triathlon and finances his triathlon hobby by working as a police officer. He is very happily married to his partner-in-adventure, Brittany and has four children, the youngest of which (2-year old Tessa) helps him improve his running and Fitbit steps each day by needing to chase her through various stores.

  • Age: 41
  • Club/Team: Team RWB
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: 70.3
  • Dan’s Motto: “Challenge your Impossible”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, CAL Tri, and Folsom Tri

Jeremy PondJeremyPond

Jeremy is a 17 year old triathlete and cyclist currently residing in Rocklin California. This will be my third year competitively racing triathlons. My passion and determination is unrivaled and when I go for a goal, it’s met no matter what it takes. When I’m not racing or training I can be found doing various adventures ranging from long bike rides to hikes in beautiful places.”

  • Age: 17
  • Club/Team: Rocklin Endurance Sports
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “Adventure awaits you”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, Folsom Tri, CAL Tri, and Oakland Tri

Kathy RapmundWC Half 2012

I grew up swimming and playing soccer but later in life became a runner and triathlete. Joining FMRC in 2011 expanded my athletic horizons when I found training partners and built friendships with like-minded athletes.  I love to race all distances up to the marathon and Half Ironman.  I am also an avid gym rat and NASM Certified Personal Trainer who enjoys trying all the latest fitness trends.  I work full-time as a CPA for Albertsons Companies and am busy with my husband and two awesome teenagers.  Living an active, healthy lifestyle is my passion and I enjoy inspiring others to do the same and help them reach their goals.

  • Age: 46
  • Club/Team: Forward Motion Race Club
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “Don’t limit your challenges.  Challenge your limits.”
  • 2017 USAP Races: SBDU, HMB Tri, CAL Tri, OAK Tri, Alameda Running Festival

Courtney SnellCal tri swim

Courtney is a mother of 3 and works part time in the dental field. She currently resides in Clovis (near Fresno).  She grew up playing organized sports that included swimming, softball, volleyball and soccer. She completed her first triathlon in 2013 after joining a triathlon club in her town as a New Year’s resolution to try new things. After her first race, she was hooked on the sport and the triathlon community. She joined the board members of the triathlon club the following year and pushed to get more members involved. Last year she suffered a season ending ankle break and has slowing been recovering and getting back to the sport. Courtney’s passion is still helping new triathletes become more comfortable with the sport and racing and is very active with her local triathlon club.

  • Age: 36
  • Club/Team: TC3
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “A smile is your best accessory”
  • 2017 USAP Races: South Bay Duathlon, Half Moon Bay, Morgan Hill, Cal Tri, and possibly Oakland 

Chase Visser

Chase is a 16 year-old triathlete from Loomis, California. He started as a summer recreational swimmer but quickly found staring at the black line at the bottom of the pool a bit boring.  After a friend encouraged him to attend one triathlon practice with the We Triathlon High Performance Team, Chase says he was hooked. Chase has been involved in triathlon for less than two years but in that short time has been named a 2016 All American ranking 7th in the USA as a 15 and under, a 2017 Junior Elite Nationals Qualifier, and a member of Team USA.  He will be racing in the ITU Age Group World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands this fall.  Chase loves to race, especially sprint races.  He is a high school junior interested in the sciences and is looking forward to spending two weeks in Honduras during the summer of 2018 as part of a marine life and forest life research team.  For a short time, he will be trading in swimming with a pack of humans for swimming with the marine animals while scuba diving.

  • Age: 16
  • Club/Team: We Tri Triathlon High Performance Team
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Sprint
  • Favorite Saying: “Veni Vedi Vici … I Came, I Saw, I Conquered”
  • 2017 USAP Races: Folsom, Oakland Gran Fondo, Morgan Hill Run Fest

Bill ZieringLittle Sister Madonna and me

They say my 87 is just a number. I believe!  My health background favors this. Today’s science champions exercise (aerobic +resistance), lessened impatience and hostility, managing nutrition (less carbs particularly sweets), and forming precious relationships. Been doing triathlons since the early 80’ – can’t remember ever finishing in the top half. Have had lots of bike falls and crashes. Still managed (with His power) to be the Age Group World Champion Oly division in Chicago in 2015.

  • Age: 87
  • Club/Team: Triathlon Club of Monterey
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “Start off slowly then ease up!”
  • 2017 USAP Races: HMB Tri, MHST, CAL Tri, Oakland Tri

What is the USAP Ambassador Program?

The USA Productions goal is to build a strong relationship between the community, clubs,  teams, coaches, athletes, and all community events around us. By building this strong bond, we hope to strengthen the triathlon community! Ambassadors are individuals or club/team members who have already made impacts in their endurance communities. Many of them are endurance athletes, coaches, members of clubs, corporate leaders and/or people that have made or will make an impact in the sport of triathlon. Ambassadors will promote the USAP events and brand through their networks in exchange for free or discounted entries, free product from sponsors, preferred parking at events, and much more! There will be two types of ambassadors, individual and club/team ambassadors.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Free USAP entries in certain events
  • USAP Sponsor products and services
  • USAP swag and training gear
  • Ambassador of the year will be awarded in October

Each Ambassador will be given a unique code to have their athletes use during registration. This code will allow us to track the number of athletes you have influenced throughout the season.

2016 Ambassador of the Year:

Garret Brummer

Gerhard Brummer (born November 3, 1976) is a Top 5% AG Ironman All World Athlete, USA Triathlon National Championships qualifier, podium ultra- and sub-3 hour Boston marathoner.  Gerhard once completed Ironman South Africa, Two Oceans 56K Ultra Marathon and finished Boston Marathon under three hours in four weeks.  Gerhard’s most challenging race was North Face Gore-Tex 50-Mile Endurance Challenge in 2014 and his favorite short course was Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon in 2015.  Gerhard is most passionate about bringing out the best in himself and others and enjoys working in teams.  Originally from South Africa, Gerhard now lives in San Jose, California, with his wife Jenny and his two sons, Andrew and Jacob.

What are the responsibilities of the Ambassador?

Ambassadors will help promote our events to their networks and encourage their athletes to race in our 2015 races. Our races are great for beginner triathletes and competitive enough for strong age group athletes. USA Productions has a wide range of endurance events throughout the year. Most Ambassadors will promote to triathlon clubs, athletic groups, colleagues, groups of friends, family, and nonprofit groups. The majority of the promotion will be done via social media, email, race calendars, and word of mouth.