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USAP Ambassador Team

2019 Event Ambassador Application

We’ve changed our ambassador program in 2019 to creating an ambassador team for each of our events. These ambassadors will be local, or long time participants of the event, passionate about their participation and ready to encourage others to join in the fun.

Click Here to complete the USAP Ambassador Application

What are the requirements of the Ambassador?

  • Share USAP social media posts, images, and events
  • Use the #usapevents and specific event hashtags, handles and links when posting training, race or health & wellness posts
  • Influence new participants into the sport,  eliminating the barrier to entry with education and encouragement
  • Share race reports and post race images from the event
  • Promote the entire endurance sports community in full, USAP or any other local or national event.  Help promote and share what makes community events so special.

What is the USAP Ambassador Program?

The USA Productions goal is to build a strong relationship between the community, clubs,  teams, coaches, athletes, and all community events around us. By building this strong bond, we hope to strengthen the triathlon community! Ambassadors are individuals or club/team members who have already made impacts in their endurance communities. They can be endurance athletes, coaches, members of clubs, corporate leaders and/or people that have made or will make an impact in the sport of triathlon. Event Ambassadors will promote their USAP event and brand through their networks in exchange for a free entry into the event, free product from sponsors, preferred parking at events, and much more! 

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Free USAP entries in certain events
  • USAP Sponsor products and services
  • USAP swag and training gear

Each Ambassador will be given a unique code to give to athletes they have encouraged to participate to use during registration. This code will allow us to track the number of athletes they’ve influenced.