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USAP Ambassador Team

2019 Ambassador Application

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What are the requirements of the Ambassador?

  • Share USAP social media posts, images, and events
  • Use the #usapevents hashtag when posting training, race or health & wellness posts
  • Share your discount code and influence new participants into the sport,  eliminating the barrier to entry with education and encouragement
  • Share race reports and post race images from each event you do throughout the year
  • Promote the entire endurance sports community in full, USAP or any other local or national event.  Help promote and share what makes community events so special.

What is the USAP Ambassador Program?

The USA Productions goal is to build a strong relationship between the community, clubs,  teams, coaches, athletes, and all community events around us. By building this strong bond, we hope to strengthen the triathlon community! Ambassadors are individuals or club/team members who have already made impacts in their endurance communities. Many of them are endurance athletes, coaches, members of clubs, corporate leaders and/or people that have made or will make an impact in the sport of triathlon. Ambassadors will promote the USAP events and brand through their networks in exchange for free or discounted entries, free product from sponsors, preferred parking at events, and much more! There will be two types of ambassadors, individual and club/team ambassadors.

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

  • Free USAP entries in certain events
  • USAP Sponsor products and services
  • USAP swag and training gear
  • Ambassador of the year will be awarded in October

Each Ambassador will be given a unique code to have their athletes use during registration. This code will allow us to track the number of athletes you have influenced throughout the season.

2017 Ambassadors of the Year:

  • Garret Brummer – San Jose, CA
  • Courtney Snell – Clovis, CA

Gerhard Brummer


Gerhard (born November 3, 1976) is a Top 10% AG Ironman All World Athlete, USAT All American tri- (#307) and duathlete (#8), podium ultra- and sub-3 hour Boston marathoner.  He once completed Ironman South Africa, Two Oceans 56K Ultra Marathon and finished Boston Marathon under three hours in just four weeks.  Gerhard’s most testing race was North Face Gore-Tex 50-Mile Endurance Challenge in 2014.  His favorite short course race was Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon in 2016, where he placed 3rd in his age group.  In 2016, Gerhard was chosen as USA Productions Ambassador Of The Year and is representing them again this year, as well as Topo Athletic.  Gerhard is most passionate about bringing out the best in himself and others and enjoys working in teams, on and off the race course.  Originally from South Africa, Gerhard now lives in San Jose, California, with his wife Jenny and his two sons, Andrew and Jacob.

  • Age: 40
  • Club/Team: Endurance Junkies
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “BOOM!”
  • 2018 USAP Races:

Courtney SnellCal tri swim

Courtney is a mother of 3 and works part time in the dental field. She currently resides in Clovis (near Fresno).  She grew up playing organized sports that included swimming, softball, volleyball and soccer. She completed her first triathlon in 2013 after joining a triathlon club in her town as a New Year’s resolution to try new things. After her first race, she was hooked on the sport and the triathlon community. She joined the board members of the triathlon club the following year and pushed to get more members involved. Last year she suffered a season ending ankle break and has slowing been recovering and getting back to the sport. Courtney’s passion is still helping new triathletes become more comfortable with the sport and racing and is very active with her local triathlon club.

  • Age: 36
  • Club/Team: TC3
  • Favorite Triathlon Distance: Olympic 
  • Favorite Saying: “A smile is your best accessory”
  • 2018 USAP Races: