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Triathlon Off-Season Tip-of-the-Day


During this holiday season it’s so easy to get carried away, between the delicious family feast, office holiday treats, and cocktail soirees with friends; overindulging can be so easy this time of year. It’s so important to maintain healthy eating habits during your off-season, so read this article “Holiday Eating Tips” to help keep your weight in check while your activity level is low, and your holiday spirit is high…

Holiday Eating Tips

It’s not the off season, it’s the season of food. Here’s wisdom for athletes on navigating the holiday food maze.

Source: ironman.com


What is your goals for next season? Take a moment and reflect on last season and decide if it is going to be, speed, strength, distance, or just take it easy and enjoy the scenery. No matter what your goal is, now is the time to create a plan as to how you are going to get there.

#1. REGISTER AND SAVE THE DATE: Check out the dates of your next USAP event race and register. Don’t wait too long to decide, because prices will go up. Go to usapevents.com.

#2. CHOOSE YOUR WORKOUT: While recovery is essential for your off-season, it is important to stay active and exercise regularly. Don’t jump into any hardcore training just yet, but find some fun low-intensity workouts that will keep you in shape. By having a regular workout regiment, it’s easier get back into a competitive training mode.

#3. CREATE A PLAN: So, you have registered, choose your workout, and saved the date for your upcoming race, now sit down and plan your workout routine up to race day. We have created this USAP calendar to help you DOWNLOAD NOW.


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